Radar Pace: Oakley signs connected with Intel sport sunglasses

In partnership with Intel, Luxottica, which operates high range Ray – Ban and Oakley Sunglasses brands, launches a model ‘ wearable technology and sport ‘: Radar Pace.

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Just keep in mind the Radar Pace costs $450, £400 or AU$640, which is more than double the price of Oakley’s normal, nonsmart Radar sunglasses.

Integrating the “wearable technologies” category, the connected Radar signed Pace Oakley Sunglasses come to be unveiled by the Italian group Luxottica. fake oakleys, For the occasion, the Group of accessories of luxury and fashion led by Massimo Vian partnered with Intel.

They allow to create training programs, to track the performance of coach in real time and naturally answered questions raised by their bearer, such as “What is my pace?” or even “what is my power?”, preceded by a “OK Radar.”

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Oakley Mens EVZero Stride PRIZM Road Cycling Sunglasses

Oakley Mens EVZero Stride PRIZM Road Cycling Sunglasses

“Seeking to redefine the way athletes train, the Radar Pace are the result of years of research and development between the Oakley group Luxottica and Intel brand”, evoke the partners in a statement.

The connected glasses fit both running to cycling. fake oakleys sunglasses cheap, They interpret the data in real time to provide instructions to the athlete, guide him in his practice and improve its performance.

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Their strong point is a hands-free interface that relies on technology “Intel Real Speech” to interpret the natural language in real time. oakley knockoffs sale, Something now familiar with voice assistants like Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), Google Now or Cortana (Microsoft).

A Bluetooth audio headset integrated into the mount to switch or to receive calls and SMS, or even to listen to music.

The Pace Radar work together with the mobile app Radar Pace and use external sensors. fake oakleys wholesale, You can connect to the device any sensor working Bluetooth or ANT +.

The unit charge to collect and analyze performance data such as the power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace, and distance.

Radar Pace™

Radar Pace™

Connected oakley glasses so stand out for their proactive approach to get a reaction sport.

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